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On January 11, we gathered at the Nunyara Conference Centre for a three-day camp, which ended on January 13. This being our first camping trip, it was exciting to get away from the busyness of life and struggles to just let the Word dwell richly in our lives through a Bible-centred environment. As our chosen theme was ‘Glow in the dark-shining God’s light’ based on John 8:12 and Matthew 5:14-16, we commence our camp journey with a prayer that God will works in our campers’ hearts and equipped them to walk in their God-given purpose to impact their sphere of influence.

Throughout the three days at camp, we have felt the hand of God at work as both our campers and staff have found themselves surrounded by the light of Christ. Our understanding of ‘Shining our Light’ was also reshaped since we have all discover that when we take our light out from under the basket, those living in the dark will catch a glimpse of the God who lives in us. Many of our campers have also pick up several spiritual lessons and below is a few of their testimonial.

“All my life, I hid my true-self because I was being fear-led. But coming into this camp, God has allow me to recognise his calling because I now realised that God has been longing to shine through me so that HE may be known. Now is the time I uncover my light and be spirit-led because my greatest fears in life are a perfect setup for God to do the impossible and it is in my weakness that his strength is made perfect. So I will go and shine the light of Jesus into the world with the passions he has placed inside my heart.” – Fibi Thang

“I learnt that, as a Christian I should be letting my light shine by spreading God’s love. I can accomplish this by being kind and loving to others around me” – Abigail Ramling

“From the camp, I have learnt about how no one can say to God, ‘I am good’ because we cannot pay our debts. However, God loved us and in the right moment, He gave us Jesus Christ to clear our debts before our holy God. God has given us the Holy Spirit who is at work in us to shine forth the goodness and grace of God in different ways for the glory of our God.” – Rass Khenglawt

“It was inspiring to see someone be able to express God’s message as though we were children with mature minds. Learning that we can represent God through all actions was an aspect that really impacted me.” – Rose Khenglawt

“Initially, I thought that only God’s light could shine but after hearing Sarah’s teaching, I now have a new understanding that we also shine God’s light by following his actions.” – Victoria Musu

“By looking past and seeing things with a different perspective rather than just the simple definition, I learnt that there is so many meaning to just simple word and that really impacted me to have a higher level of understanding.” – Thomas Lwin

“As a Christian, my relationship with God hasn’t been really that great but after going to camp and listening to how Sarah preached about God’s kingdom and how we can strengthen our relationship with God, I definitely feel like my relationship with God has been getting stronger. By doing simple things like praying, reading the Bible, worshipping him and repenting of my sins, my relationship with God become so much more stronger.” Pawpaw Heccae

We give our sincere appreciation and gratitude to our guest speaker, Sarah Tymko, for great sermons that God has given her to uplift our souls. We are so much enriched and it was wonderful to see the words she spoke find a place in our hearts. Sarah has greatly contributes to the fulfilment of our camp’s purpose and we pray that the will of God can keep on manifesting in her life.

Overall, God has step into all our simple moments and vastly uses them to point our hearts towards him. He has called us to get rid of the darkness and light up our dark world with His light. When God came and camped with us, we experience his brilliance and preparation so we got to go home with a passionate heart to serve the Lord even outside the walls of our church. And that, more than anything else, is what makes our camp so unforgettable.

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