Church Operations

A local church is a unique community — it has the spiritual importance which people expect, but alongside that are the organisational requirements of any normal business: administration, finance, governance, and compliance.

A church and a business, while sharing many common elements, are also very different places. And yet both areas need to be equally developed and managed well within the church context – it is a tension and a balance to do this. 

As the demands from society on churches increase, appropriate and spiritually minded operational management can make a big difference in the effectiveness and fruitfulness of the church’s witness. 

Our Ministry

A big part of our purpose is to provide information and resources to the local church so they can effectively manage these behind-the-scenes tasks. Some people might label these things as “boring church stuff”. However, we think of them as important ministries that enable the church to do the evangelism, discipleship, and transformational stuff. Here’s how the BCSANT Support Team can help. 


  • Bookkeeping 
  • Policies & Procedures Template 
  • Forms 
  • Copyright 
  • Privacy 
  • Staff Employment / Appointment 


  • Long service leave 
  • Church contributions 
  • Minister’s relocation fund 
  • Banking and finance 
  • Stipends & Wages 
  • Bequest Wording 
  • Church Treasurer Guide (BFS) 


  • Constitutions 
  • Incorporation 
  • Property Trusts 
  • ACNC 


  • Work Health and Safety 
  • Insurance 
  • Acts and Regulations 

Operations Team

  • Glenn Dixon

    Operations Manager

  • Tam Battersby

    Office Manager, EA to Director of Ministries

  • Jenny van Tienen


  • Sheryl Klaffer

    Events Coordinator

  • Katrina Levi

    Operations Assistant

  • Bridget Townsend


  • Alison Jeisman


  • Benito Carbone

    Media & Communications

Information and knowledge to support your local church

The BCSANT Church Operations blog seeks to keep you informed of any changes, updates, and new items of interest that involve the administrative, financial, compliance, and governance functions of the local church.

Latest Operations Resources

BCSANT holds a centralised fund for the accumulation of Long Service Leave entitlements for SA Baptist pastors as they move from church-to-church within SA. 

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Every year The Baptist Churches of SA provides a minimum recommended ministers stipend package, as the basis for payment to pastors and church workers. Churches can adapt the recommendation to suit the particular circumstances of the pastor and the church. This is currently based on the Teacher’s Award and has been approved by the Executive since 2007.

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Baptist Financial Services is proud to sponsor the ongoing provision of Financial Guides and other resources for church financial leaders. Contact the BCSANT office for log in details.

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A collection of policies to keep your local church functioning!

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The constitution in this resource has been designed as a simple template for you to use as you explore preparing your new constitution. The template can be changed and adjusted to suit your particular context.

Download file

A simple form for registering church volunteers.

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An aid to compliance with the South Australia Work Health and Safety Act 2012 – an Act to provide for the health, safety and welfare of persons at work

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View this resource for examples of wording that can be used in a will for the purposes of a bequest to the Baptist Churches of SA & NT or other member churches.

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We have a close working relationship with both Baptist Insurance Services and Baptist Financial Services – in fact, we share an office! You can get in touch on (08) 8357 1755. 

Glen Thornley
State Relationship Manager SA/NT (BFS) & State Insurance Manager SA/NT (BIS)