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Find out more about the local Baptist churches in SA & NT that are a part of our movement. There’s probably one nearby!

We are an association of around 90 local churches across SA and the NT. In each one of our contexts, we seek to follow Jesus, love people, and serve God’s mission in the world. These churches have chosen to join together as a Movement for greater impact, support, and resourcing.

Who are Baptists?

We believe Jesus Christ is the Son of God and invites all people into relationship with God through His life, teaching, atoning death, and resurrection. We love to share this good news with everyone and invite them to consider following Jesus. We believe in salvation by faith through God’s grace. We believe the Bible is God’s inspired word to us and we believe in the Trinity – God revealed to us as Father, Son, and Holy Spirit. 

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Baptists believe all those who have put their trust in Jesus make up His church, and that each local church is called to worship and mission in their context. We are a grassroots movement, because we believe that each local church is best equipped to discern what following Jesus and being part of His mission looks like in their context. This means our churches don’t all look the same – we have large churches and small churches, more traditional and more contemporary churches, indigenous and culturally diverse churches, and churches with a variety of leadership models, styles of worship, and expressions of mission.  

As part of the Baptist movement that began in 1609, we share our faith in Jesus and our belief in the Bible’s central authority in our lives with the broader Protestant church. Baptists particularly emphasise freedom of religion and freedom of association, with individuals choosing to follow Jesus and be baptised as an expression of this, local churches choosing their own leaders and ministries, and all of us choosing to work together for our shared mission. 

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