BCSANT Office & Support Team

Baptist churches in South Australia and the Northern Territory are supported and encouraged by the BCSANT Office and its Support Team.

The BCSANT Office provides a range of services to support, encourage, influence, and extend the life and mission of our local churches. BCSANT Support Team members work to resource churches, advocate mission, cultivate leaders, facilitate connections and inspire imagination across our movement and beyond. 

The BCSANT Assembly, representing the whole movement, appoints our Director of Ministries, who works together with the Assembly Board to resource the BCSANT Office in order to support, encourage, influence and extend the life and mission of our local churches.  

The BCSANT Support Team is made up of passionate people from across our movement who bring their gifts and skills to work on behalf of the movement. The team includes pastors and leaders who facilitate the areas of church development and mission, leadership development, pastoral training and support, next generations and intercultural ministries. The team also includes operational staff who manage areas like finance, administration, media and communications, events, policy, and property for the association, and these staff are available as a resource to churches as well. Alongside them are representatives from affiliated organisations as well as our Independent Director of Professional Standards.

What we do

We are a growing group of local churches that are thriving in Jesus, and with him, transforming the world.

The BCSANT Office and its ministries will, with godly stewardship, support, encourage, influence, and extend the life and mission of the churches. Its Support Team seeks to:






Support team

A passionate team operating in diverse roles to support local churches and the wider movement.

  • Melinda Cousins 

    Director of Ministries

  • Mark Sanders

    Church Development Facilitator

  • Tony Ling

    Ministry Accreditation Facilitator

  • Elliot Keane

    Leadership & Mission Facilitator

  • Darryl Bishop

    Intercultural Ministries Facilitator

  • Scott Berry

    Next Generations Team Leader

  • Mary Ackers

    Youth Ministry Facilitator

  • Tash Pillay

    Childrens’ Ministry Facilitator

  • Mark Foley

    Pastoral Services Facilitator

  • Glenn Dixon

    Operations Manager

  • Tam Battersby

    Office Manager, EA to Director of Ministries

  • Jenny van Tienen


  • Sheryl Klaffer

    Events Coordinator

  • Katrina Levi

    Operations Assistant

  • Bridget Townsend


  • Alison Jeisman


  • Benito Carbone

    Media & Communications

Other organisations

Staff and state representatives from affiliated organisations regularly share our office space. These include:

  • Carl Collins

    Independent Director of Professional Standards

  • Glen Thornley

    State Relationship Manager SA/NT (BFS) & State Insurance Manager SA/NT (BIS)

  • Lisa Cornish

    State Director SA/NT, Baptist Mission Australia

  • Rachael Foster

    Church Liason Coordinator, Baptist Care SA

  • Steve Woods 

    Church Relationship Manager SA/NT, Baptist World Aid Australia

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