Intercultural Ministries

There is a cultural transformation occurring, and it’s being reflected across our Baptist movement.

South Australian and Northern Territory census data reports that a quarter of us were born overseas. Over 45 percent of us have at least one parent who was born overseas. The cultural landscape is changing, and we’re seeing this from the top to bottom of our country.

Over ten percent of our churches worship in a language other than English. Another ten percent of our churches have faith communities from non-English speaking backgrounds. Our vision is that Baptist Churches SA & NT would continue to grow as a healthy, culturally, and linguistically diverse (CALD) movement. 

Our Intercultural Ministries Facilitator can be contacted on (08) 8357 1755 or through our contact form.

The BCSANT Support Team is available to assist in:

Journeying with CALD groups who are exploring deeper connections with our Baptist movement.

Growing meaningful transcultural partnerships between our Anglo and CALD churches, congregations, and faith communities.

Ongoing awareness and development of cultural intelligence capabilities amongst all our pastors and leaders.

Providing pathways for the formation, equipping, training, and empowerment of pastors and leaders from our CALD churches and faith communities.

Navigating specialised missional and ministry opportunities with people from non-Anglo backgrounds and/or second-generation Australians.

Equipping CALD & anglo churches to develop creative models of hospitality, and intercultural ministry that builds gospel centred communities characterised by inclusion, trust, empowerment and equality.

Providing support and advice on mission, church development, healthy governance, child safe and professional standards, finance and administration.

Introduction to services provided by Baptist Financial Services, Baptist Insurance Services, Baptist Care SA, Baptist World Aid and Baptist Mission Australia.