Child Protection & Professional Standards

Local Baptist churches associated with Baptist Churches SA & NT have a responsibility to adhere to necessary child protection and professional standards to ensure the safety of children and church-members.

BCSANT is committed to the safety and wellbeing of all people in our churches, particularly children and other vulnerable persons. We take our responsibilities in this area seriously and ask all member Churches to comply with our Child Protection and Professional Standards policies. 

To facilitate this, BCSANT has appointed an independent Director of Professional Standards to ensure our movement maintains the highest standards and best practice in this vital area.

Through Child Protection Solutions (CPS) we are able to offer regular accredited Child Protection training, both for new volunteers/workers and ongoing updates for everyone. CPS also offers on-call support and advice for BCSANT pastors and leaders.  

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About the independent Director of Professional Standards for BCSANT

Training & Seminars

BCSANT Child Protection Strategy – What training is acceptable/not acceptable to BCSANT

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Policies & Principles

Baptist Churches in South Australia and the Northern Territory operate under individual Child Protection/Safeguarding Policies and Code of Conduct Policies due to different legislative requirements. 

Beyond the policies below, all other established Child Protection & Professional Standards support systems and structures located on this site are relevant to both SA & NT Churches. 


Person of Concern/Known Sex Offender Policy

ABM Child Protection Principles

BCSANT & CPS Child Protection Compliance Checklist

Child Protection Contact Officer (CPCO) Job Description

Carl Collins 
Director of Professional Standards

[email protected]