Women in Ministry

For many years as a movement we have championed the contribution of women, we have accredited and ordained men and women, and we have affirmed the place of women in leadership.

Yet we recognise there is more to be done. We have not always articulated the biblical and theological foundations for what we do clearly. There are also some particular practical challenges women in pastoral leadership face. 

In 2017, in response to requests from across our churches, we held a Symposium called ‘No Barriers’, at which we sought to clearly articulate our biblical perspective and recommit ourselves to embracing the position of women in ministry and pastoral leadership and working together to address the unseen barriers women can face. 

Since then, we have initiated a Women Preachers’ Network for mutual support and encouragement, and hold semi-regular events to bring women across our movement together. In 2023, we were pleased to join with our national movement in conducting a baseline survey on the experience of women across Baptist churches, and in the establishment of a national Women in Leadership taskforce.  

Awareness of and addressing continued barriers to women’s full participation in all areas of the life of our movement remains a strategic priority of our Assembly Board. 

For further information please contact Director of Ministries Melinda Cousins.  

Read our statement on accreditation and ordination of women in ministry.

Join our Women Preachers’ Network.

Helpful articles regarding women in ministry

In this episode, our new Director of Ministries jumps in the hot seat to talk about her journey, what drives her, and blazing a trail for others to follow.

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A public lecture by Ben Witherington III at Burleigh College regarding women and ministry from 2004.

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Read our statement on the accreditation and ordination of women here.

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Dr Lynn H. Cohick works to show that proper hermeneutics rightly applied to 1 Timothy 2 does not restrict women permanently and universally from full participation in

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N.T. Wright offers some fresh insights into our understanding of key biblical passages much disputed today in evangelical circles, especially in America.

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The late David M. Scholer, professor of New Testament at Fuller for many years, was
an early and vocal advocate of women in ministry. In the following article, he offers us an excellent review of the scriptural basis for women in ministry.

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Evangelical scholar F. F. Bruce promoted the ministry of women in the Christian Brethren Review, which is significant, as anyone who has attended a traditional brethren assembly will recognize. As was his custom, Bruce turns to the Word of God as his authority.

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