Recognised Pastors

Recognition for people serving in specific pastoral roles within local Baptist churches in SA & NT.

BCSANT established the status of Recognised Pastor for people serving in specific pastoral roles in member churches.  

This is neither the equivalent of nor a replacement for Accreditation. It is specific to the ministry and church it is granted for and does not carry any standing outside Baptist Churches of South Australia and the Northern Territory. 

It is, however, designed to provide affirmation and accountability for people serving in specific pastoral roles within member churches. It provides a pathway for greater relationship and alignment with BCSANT including relevant training, information, and support. 

More information

Please view our Recognised Pastor Policy and Handbook. These documents include information such as definitions, candidate criteria, and overviews of the application, training, and review process.

If you would like any more information regarding the BCSANT Recognised Pastor process or to request an application pack, please contact the BCSANT Support Office.

Recognised Pastors Policy.

Recognised Pastors Handbook.