Minister’s Long Service Leave Fund

By law, employers are required to set aside funds for employees to take leave after a long period of working for the same employer.

Usually, once an employee leaves an employer their long service leave balance returns to zero when they start working for a new employer. However, BCSANT recognises that pastoral staff will usually have similar roles across a number of churches over their working life.

To provide a mechanism for continuity of service for Baptist pastors as they move from church to church, a centralised fund for the accumulation of Long Service Leave entitlements has been established.

Each year, churches are asked for staff information so that the church can contribute funds to the pastor’s long service leave entitlement.

Below is the LSL Policy and the Survey Form that needs to be completed and submitted each year.

Link To Minister’s Long Service Leave Resources

The following documents are available via the link above:

  • Ministers’ Long Service Leave Fund Policy
  • Ministers’ Long Service Leave Survey Form