Children’s Resources – Christmas & Easter

The resources below are not directly connected to us, so disclaimer: We don’t necessarily approve of everything you might find on them. 

Lent and Easter

EasterPlus Blog includes Easter resources, ideas, reflections, Easter activities, children’s programs, worship ideas and humorous stories. 

Love Life Live Lent 
Love Life Live Lent book and booklets contain over 40 simple things to do during Lent: one action for each day. These actions help us to transform our world – locally, nationally and globally. Separate booklets for kids and youth/adults. 

Advent and Christmas

Truth in the Tinsel 
Experience the Christmas Story during December using this great resource. Each day it will lead you through a passage of Scripture, a corrsponding ornament craft and talking points for you and your kids. 

Advent & Christmas Ideas on Pinterest By Mary Hawes 

Why Christmas
A fun site with all kinds of facts and interesting bits! By James Cooper 

The History of the Christmas Tree

Christmas Celebrations Around the World
Suggested by Mary Johnson from the other side of the world, onya Mary!

Video Resources for Christmas Services 

The Christmas Story (St Paul’s Auckland) 

An Unexpected Christmas (St Paul’s Auckland) 

When God was Born (St Paul’s Auckland) 

Christmas According to Kids (Southland Christian Church) 

Bethlehemian Rhapsody