Supported Independent Living helps people with disabilities to thrive

Shane Austin


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Recently, I overheard a colleague describing the challenges and triumphs she witnessed growing up alongside her sibling living with disability. 

She shared the challenges related to self-image, the need to conform, and mental health issues her sibling experiences daily. I was reminded that while we are all equal in the eyes of God, people living with disability experience social exclusion and may struggle to live independently as adults.

As a NDIS provider, Baptist Care SA journeys alongside people with a disability by providing vital in-home and community services and support to hundreds of South Australians. 

One of the ways we do this is through Supported Independent Living (SIL). 

Supported independent living is for people with higher support needs, who need some level of help at home all the time. It provides people living with a disability with support to undertake daily tasks so they can retain, and grow, their independence. 

The type of support we provide is decided on by the person living with a disability. It is based on the way that person wants to live, the goals they want to achieve and how they want to strengthen their life skills.  

Baptist Care SA Support Workers visit the houses of people living with disability to support them with cooking and cleaning, personal care, managing their budgets and developing their communication skills. They help people to connect and reconnect with their communities by participating in sport, recreational and social activities, which helps build self-esteem and reduce social isolation. They can even stay overnight, if needed. 

When people living with disability want to move out of home, their move into Supported Independent Living is arranged sensitively between themselves, their families and Baptist Care SA. This ensures that when they are ready and able to live away from their parents’ home their move towards independence is smooth, positive and easily achieved.

People wanting Supported Independent Living can choose to live alone, with friends or with other people living with disability- depending on their budget and personal preferences. 

Baptist Care SA has some great houses across South Australia for people wanting Supported Independent Living, which can be viewed on our website. If you know anyone who could benefit from a Supported Independent Living arrangement, please feel free to contact us at Baptist Care SA to see how we can be of assistance. 

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