Somewhere safe to regenerate and grow

Shane Austin


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Oscar was found wandering on neighbouring land when ‘Farmer Dave’ picked him up and brought him to Tumbelin Farm. A newborn calf separated from his mother, he was scared and in need of a safe space and people to care for him. 

Located in the Adelaide Hills, Tumbelin Farm is Baptist Care SA’s residential adventure therapy program for young men recovering from drug and alcohol misuse. Residents will work as farm hands alongside counsellors and case managers and will bottle feed Oscar as part of a holistic program incorporating farm work, counselling and adventure therapy.

Like Oscar, residents will grow stronger and more independent while staying on the Farm, which can be anywhere up to six months, as they learn new ways of seeing the world around them and discover new ways of reacting to it.

A working farm where residents experience daily farm life as farm hands, Tumbelin Farm’s guiding philosophy is regeneration– both of the land and its eco systems, and of people and their beliefs. 

Tumbelin Farm recognises the link between mending fences and mending lives, encouraging residents to believe that lives seemingly broken can be woven back together and made stronger. 

Strength is also gained in showing gentleness for when caring for animals, especially ones who are vulnerable. Oscar now runs towards our residents when he sees them approach, knowing they carry feeding bottles and trusting he will be cared for as he learns to care for himself. 

Many of the young men who come to Tumbelin Farm are vulnerable upon arrival. Often just out of hospital, they too need somewhere safe so they can learn they are worth caring about while also learning how to care for themselves. 

This is what Tumbelin Farm offers. A place where everyone is embraced without judgement— somewhere safe to regenerate and grow. 

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