Camden Baptist Church’s Pomegranate Place turns 10!

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On May 17 our Op Shop/Café, Pomegranate Place, had a special celebration. A ministry that began in 2013 (while we were a campus of Holdfast BC), it was with great rejoicing that we marked our 10th birthday celebrating a decade of very fruitful years of friendship and connection with the local community.

Many friends of Pomegranate Place were present to help us celebrate, and we give thanks that we were able to bless them with barista-made coffee and decorated sponge cake proudly proclaiming the purpose of the event.

Much more than just an opportunity to share free food and drink, many in the community stood up and expressed their appreciation for Pomegranate Place and to state how important it has become in their lives.

Friendships have been formed through this community. People often share tables as it is so well patronised. “Be careful,” they are warned, “you might make a friend!” And this is exactly what has happened!

Come and visit us and our staff of 25 volunteers on Saturdays and Wednesdays between 10am and 2pm, and peruse the op shop while enjoying delicious, affordable food served by our staff of about 25 volunteers.

Tricia Bishop (Pastor)
Camden Baptist Church
17 Carlisle St
Camden Park.

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