May Mission Month 2023: Alongsiders

Lisa Cornish


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Alongsiders with Jesus, walking faithfully with Him. Alongsiders in our communities, reaching out as God’s hands and feet. Alongsiders in the world, praying for and going to those who have not heard about Jesus’ salvation gift. Alongsiders with Baptist Mission Australia Intercultural Teams, supporting those responding to God’s call to live in places where Jesus is least known.

Being an Alongsider means listening, showing hospitality, bringing peace and humbly sharing the good news of Jesus. It means praying and seeking the Spirit’s leading. It means loving the people God has put in your world, as well as loving the world. 

Being an Alongsider means sharing God’s love in genuine, active and relevant ways. It means partnering together with each other and God – sending and being sent, giving and receiving, working together as partners in God’s mission. 

The four key Alongsider themes that will be explored over the month are:

  1. People of Prayer: Mark 1:35-39
    We follow Jesus’ model of retreating to pray before stepping out
  2. People of Peace: Acts 16
    We are people who bring peace and seek people of peace
  3. People of Love: John 5:1-15
    We love people and holistically respond to their needs
  4. People who Partner: Philippians 1:3-6
    We partner together in God’s mission

If your church doesn’t do May Mission Month in May, that’s okay! Engagement with global and local mission is an all year round calling for followers of Jesus.  

May Mission Month resources will be available on the website from March and will remain available all year (and beyond). You can make use of them anytime that suits your church program. 

Micah 6:8 says, in part, “…walk humbly with your God,” in 2023 let us walk as Alongsiders, sharing God’s love both near and far. 

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