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At the edge of Baptist Care SA’s West Care Centre sits our Food Hub, which offers everyday food and groceries at heavily discounted prices to anyone with a Concession Card, ImmiCard or student ID card.

Stepping inside evokes memories of a general store where essentials are easily available and regular customers are greeted by name and connections over conversation are made. It’s a place where personal interaction is valued.    

Food Hub offers a feeling of care and relief for people on low incomes whose buying power is limited in regular shops. Here, a customer’s ability to buy what they want along with what they need provides a dignity of choice. Here customers can choose to buy a packet of biscuits to have with their tea and milk without sacrifice. An older female shopper exclaimed that the simple act of being able to buy something as a treat filled her with gratitude and appreciation.

Each customer is given up to two loaves of bread and three kilograms of fruit and vegetables free with their purchase. These staples go a long way to ensuring families have a healthy meal.

At its heart, Food Hub is a place where people are embraced, their circumstances are recognised and they are supported without judgement. Our customers, while largely people on pensions and students, have recently included international students whose families overseas remain affected by COVID and unable to provide financial support.

Baptist Care SA’s Community Food Hub is a social enterprise provided in partnership with Foodbank SA. Any income generated is re-invested so we can extend our support to others in our community. 

Kate McGarry

Acting CEO Baptist Care SA

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