Launching the Global Baptist Mission Network

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Scott Pilgrim, Executive Director of Baptist Mission Australia, recently attended the Baptist World Alliance gathering in Stavanger, Norway along with 500 representatives of 253 member bodies from 130 countries.  

After attending he wrote, “It has been my privilege…to serve with a small group of colleagues from across the world planning for the launch of the Global Baptist Mission Network [GBMN].” 

In launching the network, Scott continues, “…in our rapidly changing world, and with huge shifts in world Christianity there is a great need for partnership, humble curiosity, encouragement, learning and new collaborative missional initiatives.

“The GBMN will be a catalyst for shared mission across the world and I look forward to what the Spirit will do in and through this new network. We’re better together!”

Baptist Mission Australia is one of 23 inaugural GBMN member mission organisations from 17 nations supporting over 700 missionaries seeking to collaborate from every where to everywhere, in effective and efficient ways.

The conclusion of the book “Silas Mead and his Baptist family: Learning, living, giving Christ” launching in Adelaide on 3 September 2023, records that Mead attended the first BWA Congress in London in 1905. He spoke on “Missionary Methods – Australian” and was appointed the Australian representative on the BWA Committee.

Considering the past but being stirred by future opportunities and possibilities he said:

Christ is the great Destroyer of error and evil…whether the error date back to half a millennium BC or are of more recent date, whether indigenous to the East or transported from the West … So will Christ weave into a glorious triumph, worthy of the Father God, all the kingdoms of this world as the nations bow the knee in loving homage before the King of kings and Lord of lords.

Join with Baptist Mission Australia as we continue to seek God’s leading.

Ros Gooden

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