Can you see seekers?

Jason Hoet


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You will seek me and find me when you seek me with all your heart. – Jeremiah 29:13 NIV. 

I am meeting more people seeking God than I used to. Maybe it is the company I keep or the uncertainty of our times, but in the past two or three years, people have been open to attending church or exploring the Christian faith.

Several unchurched people have attended our Sunday services. They didn’t know anyone in our church, they came along seeking spiritual answers.

When doing marriage prep, I have found that non-Christian partners express active interest in understanding the Christian faith. Our young adult group regularly have non-church friends attend our bible studies. In social and public events I have conversations where genuine interest in Christian faith is explored. 

I wonder if you feel there is a change in the air. In years past, I developed and used an apologetic toolbox defending the rationality of faith to the unbeliever. Now I meet seekers. They don’t need an argument; they need to find what they are seeking.

That is a massive shift in conversation and direction. My sense is people want to understand and experience real life with God. They also know very little about how to do this, and what faith in Jesus offers.

This is exciting, but also slightly terrifying. We move from defenders of the faith to guides. We now are inviting people into the life we have with Jesus. We are trusting that when people seek, God will be found by them. 

I wonder if you can see more seekers in your life. Look again at your close friends, work colleagues, and even your children once connected to church. Can you see seekers? How can you be a guide to life with Jesus? Church invitation is not out of the question.

Have you ever read through a gospel with a seeker? Maybe you could ask someone. We have a 7-week bible study resource on our website to help people do this at

Open your eyes and heart to what God might be doing in people far from Him, but close to you. Like me, you may be wonderfully surprised. 

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Guest post by Jason Hoet – Lead Pastor at Unley Park Baptist Church

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