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Exotic worlds, weird and wonderful flora and fauna, historic achievements, records of sporting prowess or scientific discovery – all winging their way to us on the corners of envelopes sent from around the corner or across the globe.

Since the introduction of postage stamps, people have been enamoured by the intriguing pictures and beautiful artwork decorating their mail. Even in today’s era of emails and texts, the humble stamp still brings a twinkle to the eye of those interested enough to notice.

At Baptist Mission Australia, we love stamps, and we have many supporters who love stamps too. You may not know that Baptist Mission Australia has a strong stamp collecting support network.

Churches and individuals take the time to collect bags, boxes, and envelopes of stamps from all over Australia and around the world. We receive everything from stamps ripped from corners of envelopes to sorted collections that have obviously been a labour of love over the decades.

It may be of interest to you to know that once we receive the stamps, I pack them into boxes and send them to our stamp collection team in Queensland where they are sorted and sold either to collectors or to folks who continue to send mail through Australia Post.

Baptist Mission Australia is deeply grateful to all who donate, as funds raised from the stamp collecting effort is significant and an important part of the work we do. In 2023, this stamp fundraising effort has raised $60,000 to date for the support of Baptist Mission Australia Intercultural Team members and projects in Australia and around the world.

If you would like to join the stamp fundraising effort, we would love to have you onboard. Encourage your church, small group, sports team, community group etc, to collect the stamps that come in the mail. When your bag or box is full or you have a collection that you no longer want, send it through to me at the Baptist Centre (35 King William Road, Unley or PO Box 432 Unley, SA, 5061).

The Baptist Mission Australia stamp team also has opportunities for you to be part of the fundraising effort. Buying your stamps or pre-stamped envelopes through the team helps raise funds for projects run by BMA teams around the world.

Or you might like to skip the queues to purchase your Christmas postage stamps. The Stamp Team has a supply of mint Australian postage stamps for sale. We can supply $1.20 and 65c stamps (postage rate for Christmas, “card only”, concession 60c), and almost any denomination, including higher values for parcels. If you are posting overseas you will need to ask us for international stamps (Christmas card rate: $2.60 anywhere in the world).

To purchase or donate stamps, get in touch with Bryan Laurens at 07 3846 7212 or [email protected]. Alternatively, contact BMA at [email protected]

Thanks for your support for the work of Baptist Mission Australia and happy stamp collecting!

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