Baptisms at Playford and Rostrevor

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On Tuesday 31st October, Frances McFall was baptised by Ps Darryl Bishop during the midweek service at Rostrevor Baptist Church.

She had waited 25 years for this opportunity. Struggles with health, ongoing pain, the need to be relocating, and more recently COVID were just some of the obstacles she experienced. However, through that time she had a faithful friend who continued to encourage her. A friend who never gave up on her. 

Co-incidentally, her favourite hymn is. “What a Friend We Have in Jesus” As we sung that hymn prior to Frances’ baptism, Frances joined in “signing it” for us as part of her testimony. Owing to her physical frailty, we found a creative way in which she could still be baptised.

Her response to the question, “Do you profess faith in Jesus Christ as your person Lord and Saviour” was a profoundly strong, “I do”. What a faithful friend we have in Jesus.

Written by Darryl Bishop

A few weeks ago, a young man named Luke Dean attended Playford Baptist Church because he needed to come to a church ten minutes from his house. After the service he spoke to me and said he’s thinking about baptism.

I met him at his home, spoke further about baptism and what it means, gave him the book “Taking the Plunge”, and after speaking to him, I understood he was genuine.

He attended the Playford Baptist Church on the 22nd October 2023. I had a short period of annual leave, so had asked Jeff Noble to speak about baptism that day, as part of Baptist week.

After the service, Luke approached me, and said, “I feel I need to get baptised”, so I asked when and he said, “today”. So we arranged to go to Semaphore Beach, and Luke was baptised soon after 2:00pm that afternoon!

A small group of people from Playford attended the baptism. Some photos were taken, and the following week, a video of the Baptism was shown at the Playford Baptist Church during the morning service.

Written by Ken Henderson

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