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Mrs Debby Williams publicly declared her personal faith in the Lord on January 8th, through the waters of baptism.

When a person’s heart is changed by God and they turn to Him, this should be visible. In the bible, the outward expression of accepting Jesus as Lord and entry into God’s Kingdom is to be baptized. Baptism signifies an end to living by one’s own rule, and acceptance of the rule of Jesus Christ. It is more about receiving what God has done rather promising to do great things for Him.

Almost all Christian traditions practice baptism, but there are differences as to how it is done. At Mannum Community we believe that for baptism the person must be of age to choose for themselves to be a follower of Jesus. While it is not our practice, we respect those traditions that baptise infants, where the child later confirms that decision when they are of age to do so.

Debby was baptised by immersion, symbolic of being buried with Jesus and the promise that like Him we will be raised to everlasting life.

Rev. Colin Nieass
Mannum Community Church

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