YA Event: Follow Me

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“Follow Me: From Information about Jesus to in-Formation with Jesus”

If we stop and think we realise that our surrounds inevitably shape us, yet we don’t just want to run off with our bible and become hermits. Let us ponder what it is that is forming who we are becoming and decide what we will do about that.

Jesus formed his followers 2000 years ago so what would it look like for Jesus to shape us now in these modern times. Come hear Riley Smith (previously next gen and now senior pastor of Victor Harbour Baptist) as he shares what that has looked like in his life and how he’s seen it bringing intentional Christ-like formation in their young adults ministry.

August 20th, 2023 from  5:30 PM to  8:30 PM
Enfield Baptist Church
1/7 Francis Avenue
Broadview, SA 5083
Mobile: 8357 1755
Event Fee(s)
Dinner $ 10.00 (includes GST of $ 0.91)

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